Im Rahmen des Englisch-Unterrichts hat Sofia (10d) einen persönlichen Text verfasst, der auf unsere Privilegien und deren ungerechte Verteilung in der Welt aufmerksam macht.


Your rights as a human.

I‘m a 16 year-old-girl who has the right to go to school everyday from Monday to Friday. I have the right to go to work and earn my own money. I have the right to say my opinion and disagree with things that I don’t believe in. I have the right to eat, wear and think whatever I want. And while you and many other people think that this is a human right, my cousin in Afghanistan thinks it’s a privilege.

Because she’s not allowed to go to school or work. She’s not allowed to wear or do whatever she wants.

She has no rights and no voice, loud enough, to talk about how unfair life is to her.

So who decides in this world who deserves human rights and who doesn’t? Who decides in this world who deserves to live in a first world country and has the privilege that other people dream of? Why is it me who got the life that my cousins are wishing for? Why me and not them? What makes me a better person who deserves to live this kind of life? What makes you a better person who deserves to fight for your dreams and have a chance to find everything that you wish for, while people around the world live in such agony?

While you are right now sitting in school and reading this article, children around the world do not have the privilege to educate themselves. And I feel, we as a society, should talk more about these topics. Things that are a violation against our right as a human are way too normalised. Wars, Women having no rights, children who are forced to work, thousands of people starving every day — you see all those things everyday on the news, but they stopped affecting you because they started to be the norm in our world.

We have the voice that many people do not have because they are silenced, so we should use our voice and talk for the people who need our help.

I‘m a 16 year-old-girl who is living a simple life in Germany. I don’t have anything to help the people in need. But with  writing this article, I‘m doing the bare minimum. Because I’m acknowledging the problem.

I hope you read this article and change your view on a few things and choose to help the people in need.

I hope you choose to use your voice and talk about the people in need.

With best regards